Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Russians Are Coming!

Well, I'm continuing on my kick or WWII 28mm, so in last couple months I'm starting to work on Russians.  I've got a mix of old Battle Honors 28's and Bolt Action blister packs.  BH gave a nice amount of figs with several different poses in a bag, about a squads worth.  BA is nice for add on figures and set pieces, ie. Forward Observers, Flag Bearer, various mortars, Tank Hunters, etc.  BA is a bit thicker and a millimeter or so taller, and bulkier than BH was, but I still really like the BH molds.  BH had some good size armor pieces in it's range also... good solid metal.  My BH Russians included Summer and Winter uniform squads, and they did a line of NKVD squads as well.  Luckily I have all three types, so nice to have some options for gaming.

Not finished painting yet, but going to put a little taste of in progress stuff on here.  I'm always struggling with color combinations and getting better at painting as a whole.  Sometimes seems like one step forward and two back.  I use primarily Vallejo Model Color which gives a nice color pallet in it's line.  Deciding on colors for uniforms though is a pain.  I've scanned numerous blogs and articles regarding colors.  From a historical standpoint, it appears most agree that Russian uniforms could vary quite a bit, and dye lots were not heavily controlled.  Several uniforms in a group could be shades off from each other.  For painting it's easiest to just try to keep them all somewhat uniform, and hope that as you mix your paint you'll get the subtle change in shades.  I'll get there.  Soon I'll post a bit on my colors choices.

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