Sunday, August 18, 2019

Bolt Action WWII Pacific Jungle Game

I finally got the game table up and running, got the figs painted, got the terrain built... time to play.  I invited the guys from our Basement Generals group up for the game... The Baron ( Jon (, Scott, Greg, Doug and myself.

I  set up a Bolt Action WWII game set in the Pacific jungles.   We've had some issues in the past with too many players in a single game and having things bog down, so I cam up with the idea of one large table, but dividing the table into three sectors.  Each sector would be its own one-on-one game.  I gave each side in each sector its own objectives, unknown to the opponent.  I tried to somewhat evenly match the ides by overall manpower... the sides had anywhere from two or three, 5 to 8 man infantry squads led by a Lieutenant or NCO, and an array of small units, ie. bazooka teams, MMG teams, medium and light mortars, snipers, flame throwers, a tank, medics, etc.  The IJA was allowed to set up 24 inches in, the Allied troops got to set up at the sea wall on the beach.

The Battlefield

Sector 1 had Marines vs IJA.  The Marines objective was to locate and kill the Japanese high ranking officer, a Major.  The IJA was to stop the invasion, kill the enemy, and destroy the landing craft (which was pretty much the objective of all three IJA sectors.

The Marines got some good strikes on the IJA but the IJA wasn't going down without giving as good as they took.  The IJA was aggressive and took the fight to the Marines with gusto... BANZAI!!!    The Marines, however, were able to knock most all of the IJA units including the Major, who joined his troops in the fight (and gave nearby units a +4 to morale roles), but was unaware he was a major target.  The flamethrower came in handy wiping out most of at least one IJA squad.  A pretty close win for the Marines who finished the battle with just two soldiers left.

Major Takashi, Sector 1, and IJA Troops

Marines ready to go

Waiting to fry the enemy when the come around the corner

Sector 2 had Australian and Chindit forces attempting to get to a supply depot and destroy the supplies supporting the IJA's war efforts.

The IJA set up primarily defensive and mostly in ambush which proved deadly for the Ausies and Chindits.  The IJA was able to effectively use some knee mortars to knock out a couple different teams members and put some pins on them, but not so many they allies became combat ineffective.  The Ausie/Chindits decided to focus on one single IJA team at a time and put either kill off or put multiple Pins on it.  Unfortunately I was playing the Allies on this game as one of the Generals couldn't make it to game night, and I spent so much time checking rules and answering questions that we weren't able to finish the scenario.  I had to avoid walking into those ambushes as they got first shot, even at a -1 it still deadly.  Outcome... close but inconclusive, both sides had enough forces to keep fighting.

Sector 2
Australians move inland

Australian and Chindits


Australians take hits

Sector 3 had Marines attempting to destroy the IJA small tank (hence a couple extra bazooka teams for the player... then get to a mountain and destroy the radio signaling unit

Sector 3

IJA Light Tank and Troops

Both Marines and IJA units were aggressive and the IJA initially beat the Marines down... a straggling Marine infantry unit made it ashore and helped bolster the struggling Marines.   The IJA had a Banzai charge which resulted in all but two men on each side being killed in the close combat... a second close combat fight was to come... or was it... The Marine commander pulled up a flame thrower unit and decided to toast both of the units Marine and IJA locked in close combat, killing all the IJA and one Marine, but the IJA fled.  War is brutal.  The Japanese tank closed and tried to knock out some Marines, but was ineffective.  A bazooka team got in some heavy cover and with one shot set the tank on fire, stunning the crew and jamming the turret, but failed to knock it out.  The next round the same unit was able to deliver a killing shot to the tank.  Primary objective accomplished... but at what cost??
Bazooka takes out the tank

Marines take hits

Don't care, gonna flame everyone

Friday, July 19, 2019

Basic Table Terrain

In addition to jungle terrain, I need the usual assortment table top terrain of hills, etc that could work with most any scale.  I used polystyrene to make the basic shapes.  I used a hotwire cutter to shape the foam.  For the crags and rocky edges I used sandpaper to slice vertical and horizontal cuts.  I painted dirt and rocky areas, as painted the entire rest of the base a medium dark brown with craft paint to ensure any area not covered or thinly covered with turf wouldn't show blue foam through it.  I then used diluted Woodland Scenics (WS) scenic glue, approx. 1 part glue to 3-4 parts water and painted it on nice and watery and then sprinkled on some light colored blended turf earth blend in smaller patches, then covered the rest of the area with green blend.  This was pretty messes with the watery glue dripping off.  Once dried, I used the WS scenic cement, which seems to be a heavier dilution of glue, in a spray bottle and resprayed the surface of the terrain to fully adhere the turf.  Once dry it was ready to go.

Jungle Terrain Project

My ongoing quest to eventually host WWII South Pacific and Southeast Asia theaters battles had necessitated my creating jungle terrain.  After watching some good UTube vids of the Terrain Tutor, I delved into getting started.  First you need several supplies... I used Masonite for the bases, polystyrene foam insulation, assorted plastic plants from either fish supplies or from local craft store, plastic palm trees and bamboo, craft paint, hot glue gun, Woodland Scenics (WS) scenic glue and WS scenic cement, which is just pre-watered down scenic glue, and finally a bowl of expired herb spices (basil, oregano, other Italian spices), from the kitchen cabinet.  The latter gives a great scent to the terrain.
I cut the bases to assorted shapes on a bandsaw and beveled the edges with a grinding wheel.  I cut pieces of the polystyrene to fit as needed on the bases as raised plant beds for either individual or small groups of plants, or in longer strips and glued them in with wood glue. 

I used hot glue gun to attach the plastic plants to the polystyrene as I read that regular PVA glues were not good for adhesion of the plastic the plants were made from.  I then painted the bases with brown craft paint.  Once plants were mounted then I could use the scenic glue diluted roughly 50/50 spread across the bases and under the plants to then put on the herb ground cover.  On a couple bases, I put the ground cover on before the plants, and poked holes through the ground cover into the foam and mounted bamboo to make bamboo groves.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

And Now for Something Completely Different... Space Marines!

Going even further out in a different direction from WWII, I had a small squad of these Space Marines engineers that I've had for many many many etc. years (possibly since the mid 80's? That or 1990).  Finally got up my gumption to paint these.  After some research on how I wanted to go, I think they turned out pretty decent.  A bit more bold and solid in color than most of my painting.  Cant wait to get these into something.  These are my wife's favorites.

German Zombie Soldiers WWII

Well here's a bit of a drift right... I had bought some Reaper Chronoscope German WWII Zombies unt Reaper Reich of the Dead German Kroid Zombies.  I figured these could be used for some weird war scenarios involving hideous experimental soldiers for the allies to encounter.  Sometimes fun to have an unexpected twist, ya!  I added a bit of Citadel Nurgles Rot for some added gooey gore.  They did a nice job of sculpting to show exposed bone, and slouching intestine.

British Commandos WWII Europe

Getting away from the WWII Pacific theater, I have some British Commandos and SAS/Airborne squads.  The commando's are done, and nearing completion on the SAS/Airborne squads.  They're taking a bit longer due to the camo-smocks they are wearing.  The commando's actually might be a little more detailed due to the equipment they have on them... backpacks, and all the other gear that the airborne don't have on them.  It will be a nice addition for creating some European theater games. I enjoyed trying to get some enhanced detail for the tartan on the bagpiper's pipes bag, and the map.
Full Squad

Map reader and Piper

Sniper Team and other Observer

Australians for WWII Pacific

So now I have USMC, Chindits, and Japanese... What am I missing... of course Australians!!  I did up a squad of Australian Militia, and have a jungle division infantry team, command, MMG team, and Flamethrower, mortar, and sniper teams waiting in the wings to be painted.  Below is the Militia squad with commander.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Chindits for WWII Pacific

Ok, so along the same lines, I've been adding to my WWII line for Bolt Action.  I did up some Chindits for Jungle Play.  Again... I've just bought a good half dozen or more blisters packs full last September at a local con called RECRUITS in Lee's Summit, MO.  A couple Warlord dealers with a fairly decent selection and some minor discounts.

Medium and Light Mortar Teams, and Vickers MMG Team

Based so team casualties can be removed.  Something new I tried and liked.

AT-Rifle, PIAT, Flamethrower, Radio Teams

Always need some indigenous jungle guides!!