Monday, January 7, 2013

Zero Hour

Well, here goes.  As a person who typically has sworn off any involvement in social media, other than reading my buddies blogs, I've decided to try my hand at running one of these blog things.  I belong to a group called the Basement Generals, a eclectic collection of personable yet discriminating gents, who gather together on Thursday nights and the rare weekend, to wargame with miniatures, in scenerios depicting genres spanning past, present, and future, historical and imagined, often while sampling a fine tasting lager, stout, ale, other other grain and hops derived beverage.  All that being said, in short, we get together and have fun in an estrogen deprived arena.  Several of the other Generals also have their own blogs, which I will keep links to, as their skill and talent at painting figs, and designing and creating terrain, I can only hope of someday aspiring to.  A couple of my compadres, BaronVonJ and Lead Addict, I've had the sincere pleasure of having known, and been gaming with since high school.

We all game whatever is up on tap for the night, but each general has an affinity for certain eras or genres, thereby bringing a great wealth of knowlege and insight to the table and to the other generals.  Most all the guys have painted up there own forces, and some have amassed some quite sizeable collections, spanning almost anything you could imagine it seems.  I too enjoy most all we play, but I've found I have a love of American history and it's military, and the sprit of the American fighting soldier.  This in part has grown out of my having served in Military Intelligence for three years in the Army, and another four in the National Guard, and having spent many a field exercise mapping and conducting battefield intelligence, tracking enemy forces, and seeing the tactics of modern warfare.  My two favorite eras are WWII, specifically the Pacific campaign (although I still love the European theater), and the American Civil War.  My endeavor with this blog will be to present posts of a variety of subjects, ranging from snippits of my own ongoing projects, whether it be painting mini's or working on terrain and lessons learned as I progress; discussions of game nights and the discussions of rules and rule sets we may be using; historical views; and and who knows what else.   We'll end that here for now.  I welcome those who view, and possibly decide to follow my ramblings, and those with similar interests.